BlueHost Features

The BlueHost features include all the best web hosting tools and apps needed to build and maintain a website. At BlueHost they provide one cheap web hosting plan that includes a large variety of features to meet the needs of virtually any personal or small business website. Web hosting features are one of the top considerations that a webmaster must look at when searching for the best web hosting plan. Price is a consideration, but like the BlueHost promo price most web hosts offer a cheap introductory rate and then all end up about the same price upon renewal anyway. Looking at the BlueHost features will let the webmaster see exactly what is possible with the website he/she has in mind. Unlimited features like disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, domain names, and website templates let’s a potential customer know right away that BlueHost features provide all the resources he will need and that there is no limit (within reason of course) on the number of files, images, and apps that can be used on the web hosting account. The image below shows the basics.

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BlueHost Features for CGI/Databases

Aside from the basic BlueHost features there are many advanced features that are also pertinent for a website. Review the BlueHost features for complete details if you have a question about whether or not they offer or support a specific feature. One of the CGI/database features we found noteable is the fact that BlueHost web hosting supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, allowing the webmaster to choose which database system he/she is more familiar with or prefers to use. The BlueHost features also include CGI for webpage generation. The CGI-BIN and CGI library are just a couple of features to help with the development of a website. BlueHost features also include support for a number of scripting languages like PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, and others. A BlueHost website will also support javascript, DHTML, flash, and shockwave. Once you really get into customizing a website, the SimpleScripts installer makes it easy to install a large variety of applications (e.g. social networking, polls/surveys, content management) using a 1-click installation process. Accessing SimpleScripts is very easy and the BlueHost help desk provides video tutorials to answer most basic questions.


BlueHost Features for eCommerce

There are many BlueHost features that are excellent for ecommerce. Choose from several shopping cart software options to run an online store or sell a product or service on a website. Other ecommerce features from BlueHost will ensure the security of your website and any sensitive information that you collect from visitors. An SSL secure server and free generated SSL certificate combined with OpenPGP/GPG encryption will encrypt any sensitive data and protect it from any third-party attacks. BlueHost also supports many multimedia features like streaming audio, video, MIDI files and custom MME files. Add pictures, video, audio or other features to enhance a website in the way you want to.

Technology Behind the BlueHost Features

Just as important as the features themselves is the technology behind those features. At BlueHost every web hosting client can rest assured that his/her website will be operating at peak performance all the time. BlueHost servers housing all the website data are performance servers with dual quad core processors. BlueHost data centers use both UPS power backup and diesel generator backup power to make sure their servers are up and running, even in the event of a power outage or other emergency situation. In addition, BlueHost employs 24/7 network monitoring to make sure they are aware of any issues right away and can fix them in a timely manner. Choosing BlueHost as your web hosting serivce provider is an excellent choice. We have used BlueHost web hosting for years and have never had any major problems and all minor problems we had were resolved quickly.