BlueHost Promo Price

What is the BlueHost Promo Price?

None of us want to pay more than we have to for anything. The regular BlueHost price is just $6.95 per month; incredibly cheap web hosting even without a BlueHost coupon or special promo price. But, why pay more than you have to? If you can take advantage of a BlueHost promo price and get web hosting for $5.95 or even $3.95, then there is no reason to pay $6.95. Webmasters must keep in mind that it is a promotional price and that when the web hosting plan renews it will renew at the regular rate. When looking for web hosting coupons, be sure you check out the regular rate as well, as this is the price you will be paying upon renewal. The BlueHost promo price is subject to change. Someone going directly to the BlueHost site might see an offer like the one below.

Click Here – Cheapest BlueHost Promo Price

As we mentioned before, there are a number of BlueHost promo prices out there. Using a BlueHost coupon link from our site will allow new customers to save even more money on BlueHost web hosting. Our BlueHost promo price is always just $3.95 per month.  New customers can sign up for this promotional price for either 24 or 36 months. Choosing the longer term will cost more money upfront, as the balance for the 36 months is due upon signup (BlueHost does have an anytime money back guarantee) but will allow you to take advantage of the $3.95 for an extra year – saving you even more money. The BlueHost promo price does include a free domain name. When a new customer signs up he will be given the option of adding SiteLock domain security for $12.95 per year, Site Backup Pro for $12.95 per year and Domain Whois Privacy for $9.95 per year. Each of these are optional charges but you may want to learn a little more about each before you sign up so that you will know if these are offers you would like to take advantage of.

BlueHost Special Offer

Right now BlueHost has another special offer for a Pro Package, you won’t see this package when you are just browsing around the BlueHost site but details for it are offered on the sign up page: account hosted on PRO server, more CPU, memory and resources and more security with a dedicated IP and SSL. This plan also provides anti-spam protection, and Domain Whois Privacy. The BlueHost Pro Package is regularly $24.95 per month but the special BlueHost promo price is just $19.95 per month and includes more than $225 worth of free upgrades.

Regardless of whether you are taking advantage of a BlueHost coupon or special offer or are paying full price for BlueHost web hosting, you are getting a good deal. The value of the BlueHost service is really in the product itself, not the price. BlueHost has been in business for many years, they use the best technology and equipment to ensure that their web hosting service is reliable and available all the time. Having been around for so many years, they also have a vast amount of knowledge and experience with many different types of websites and provide the apps and script options needed to support them. The BlueHost features provide all the tools a webmaster will need to create the exact website he has in mind and the friendly support reps are available 24/7 to answer any questions that may arise. Visit BlueHost today and see for yourself why we recommend them to all of our family and friends.